4. Design Your Collection

Step 4: Design Your Collection

In this lesson, you will learn about designing your collection. This is the core of your business.

In this stage you focus on:

  • Define the collection
  • Improve your collection structure
  • Design the collection
  • Understand tech packs, BOMs, & measurement lists
  • Source materials
  • Control your pricing

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Find a freelance designer: Visit Desinder.com

How to design using croquis templates: Watch the video here:

List of sourcing fairs: Fashion Trade Shows And Sourcing Fairs 2020 (-2021)

How to create a tech pack: Read the topic here

Fabric school: Read the topic here

How to create a mood board: Read the topic here

Material sourcing: Read the topic here


Digital Sourcing

Premier Vision: Visit the fair's website here.

Functional Fabric Fair: Visit the fair's website here.

Performance Days: Visit the fair's website here.

Textile World: Visit the fair's website here.

Marketplace for in-stock material: Tengiva

Wholesale fabric souring platform: SwatchOn


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