Clothing Brand Launch Bootcamp

An 8-week, bootcamp-style, live & supported course designed to help you launch a profitable clothing brand.

Next Bootcamp Kicks Off April 3, 2023.

Build Your Foundation  |  Manage Your Business  |  Build Your Brand

Design Your Collection  |  Produce Your Garments  |  Sell Your Products

Interactive – hands-on – weekly live meetings & video calls where you get all your questions answered.

The Problem ------

You don't know what to do and what to focus on...

…in order to create a strong brand foundation, sellable collection structure, and build a profitable brand.

Have you ever wondered how some clothing brands manage to thrive in a crowded market? Are you curious to know their secret to success? How are they managing to break through the noise and capture consumer loyalty? In this bootcamp, we dive into the strategies that set successful brands apart from the rest.


You don’t know the process of starting a clothing brand

Not knowing the process of starting a clothing brand can create a number of problems for a new brand. It can lead to difficulty in sourcing materials and manufacturing the clothing, lack of understanding of the costs associated with starting a clothing brand, difficulty in creating a cohesive brand image and message, difficulty in understanding and navigating the legal and regulatory requirements for starting a clothing brand, difficulty in creating a successful marketing and sales strategy, difficulty in building a reliable and efficient supply chain, difficulty in building a strong network of industry contacts and partners, and difficulty in knowing the best way to reach and target the desired audience. Without a clear understanding of the process of starting a clothing brand, a new brand may struggle to establish itself in the market, attract and retain customers, and generate sales and revenue.

Apparel Business Plan


Don’t know how to differentiate the brand and product from competitors

Not knowing how to differentiate the brand and product from competitors can be a significant problem for a new clothing brand. It can lead to issues such as difficulty in creating a unique selling proposition, a product that is distinct and innovative, a brand identity that resonates with consumers, and a marketing and advertising strategy that effectively communicates the brand’s unique value proposition. Without a clear differentiation strategy, a clothing brand may struggle to attract and retain customers, generate sales, and revenue.


Difficulty in establishing a strong brand identity

Difficulty in establishing a strong brand identity can be a major problem for a new clothing brand. Without a strong brand identity, a new clothing brand may struggle to communicate its unique value proposition, resonate with its target market, build a reputation as a reputable and desirable brand, and build brand awareness, and create a sense of familiarity and loyalty among consumers. A strong brand identity is crucial for differentiating a brand from its competitors, building consumer loyalty and recognition, and creating a sense of trust and credibility with consumers. Without it, a clothing brand may struggle to attract and retain customers, generate sales, and establish itself in the market.


Don’t know how to attract and retain customers

Not knowing how to attract and retain customers can be a major problem for a new clothing brand. Without a clear understanding of how to attract and retain customers, a new clothing brand may struggle to establish itself in the market, generate sales and revenue, and build a loyal customer base. This can include difficulty in identifying and targeting the right market segment, creating a marketing and advertising strategy that effectively reaches and resonates with the target market, creating a product that meets the needs and preferences of the target market, building a strong relationship with customers and fostering customer loyalty, retaining customers through effective customer service and after-sales support, and creating a brand that is perceived as credible, trustworthy, desirable, fashionable and trendy by the consumers. Attracting and retaining customers is crucial for generating sales and revenue and building a strong, loyal customer base.


Don’t know how to ensure profitability

Not knowing how to ensure profitability can be a major problem for a new clothing brand. Without a clear understanding of how to ensure profitability, a new clothing brand may struggle to generate the revenue it needs to cover costs and expenses, invest in growth and expansion, and establish itself as a successful and sustainable brand in the market. This can include difficulty in accurately estimating and managing costs, setting prices that will generate enough revenue to achieve profitability, creating a product that appeals to the target market and is perceived as high-value, creating a sales and marketing strategy that effectively communicates the value of the brand and products to potential customers, building a strong and efficient supply chain and distribution network that can be managed at a reasonable cost, and creating a brand that is perceived as credible, trustworthy, desirable, fashionable, and trendy by the target market, and aligns with the target market’s values and preferences. Profitability is crucial for a brand to survive and grow, and without it, a new clothing brand may struggle to establish itself in the market and generate the sales and revenue it needs to survive and grow.

Fashion Courses

Meet The Instructors ------

Meet Ana and Klas, a dynamic duo of experts in the apparel industry. Ana, a BFA in Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design in New York & Paris, has over 20 years of experience in the apparel industry. She has designed and product developed award-winning products for international outdoor brands, and has even launched and run 2 of her own brands. She is also a former international athlete, being a member of the Swedish national team in military pentathlon.

Klas, an engineer with an MSc degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm & ENST in Paris, has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, e-commerce, project management, and business development. He also has launched and run 2 own brands.

Together, Ana and Klas are the founders of the online educational platform Apparel Entrepreneurship, hosts of the Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast, authors of the book “Apparel Entrepreneurship: How To Successfully Start & Run A Clothing Brand”.

They are also the founders of the strategy, branding, and design agency Desinder. With their combined expertise and experience, they are perfectly equipped to guide and mentor you in the bootcamp.

The Solutions ------

Plan and prepare thoroughly, learn from the experience of others, and do the necessary groundwork.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

This emphasizes the importance of being thorough and strategic when planning and launching a clothing brand. It allows the brand to identify its unique selling points and opportunities, and also to make informed decisions about the direction of the brand.

By learning from the experience of others in the industry, a brand can gain valuable insights and strategies for overcoming common challenges faced by new clothing brands. By learning from others’ experiences, the brand can avoid common mistakes and make more informed decisions.

By doing the necessary groundwork, a brand can ensure that it is set up for success from the start. This can help the brand avoid operational challenges, allowing it to focus on building and growing the brand.

All of this is possible with a clear step-by-step process and best practices from the apparel industry.


Learn the 6-step process of running a clothing brand

The Apparel Entrepreneurship 6-step process is a comprehensive method for running a clothing brand. The process is designed to help entrepreneurs create a well-researched and thoughtfully designed clothing brand that appeals to their target audience and is able to bring their brand to market and get it in the hands of customers.

Apparel Entrepreneurship 6-Step Process


Make your brand and products stand out

Standing out in a crowded market involves identifying what makes your brand different and leveraging those factors to create a strong and memorable brand identity, tailoring products to the specific needs of your target audience, and creating an overall positive customer experience.


Create a strong brand identity

Creating a strong brand identity for a clothing brand involves establishing a distinct and consistent image, personality, and message that represents the brand and resonates with the target audience. This includes creating a unique and recognizable name, logo, and visual aesthetic, as well as developing a consistent message and tone of voice. Additionally, consistently delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service and engaging with customers through various communication channels can help to establish trust and loyalty, further strengthening the brand identity.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Academy


Attract the right customers

Attracting the right customers is essential for a clothing brand’s success as it can increase sales, build brand loyalty, and generate positive word-of-mouth marketing. To achieve this, a clothing brand must identify and target a specific audience, create a strong and memorable brand identity, and provide an exceptional customer experience. This will help to establish trust and loyalty with customers, making them more likely to return to the brand in the future.


Make profit a priority

Making profit a priority for a clothing brand is essential for its long-term survival and success. Without a steady stream of profits, a brand will be unable to cover its costs, invest in growth and innovation, and pay its employees. In addition, profitability also allows a brand to have financial flexibility and the ability to respond quickly to changes in the market. Without sufficient profits, a brand may struggle to compete with other brands and may ultimately fail. Profit is also important for the owners, investors and shareholders of a company, as it represents a return on their investment and supports the growth of the company. In short, making profit a priority is crucial for a clothing brand to maintain its operations, invest in its future and to be financially sustainable.

Bootcamp ------

Benefit from our and other brands’ knowledge and experience.

20+ years of apparel industry expertise and a proven 6-step process to take your brand to the next level – from idea to launch.

With over two decades of experience in the apparel industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to take your brand to the next level. We specialize in helping both new and established brands achieve success through our proven 6-step process. This process has been developed and refined over our 20 years in the industry, and has helped countless companies to grow and thrive. Whether you’re a start-up looking to launch your first collection, or an established brand looking to optimize your business and processes, we can help you achieve your goals. Let our experience and expertise work for you, and take your brand to the next level of success.


The 6-Step Process

1. Build Your Foundation

Build a solid foundation to run your brand efficiently and effectively.

2. Manage Your Business

Manage your finances, team, story, and business strategy.

3. Build Your Brand

Create a strong brand identity, find your target customer, and master your marketing strategy.

4. Design Your Collection

Define your collection, design your styles, and source the right materials.

5. Make Your Garments

Create patterns and samples. Find the right manufacturer, control quality & plan the bulk production.

6. Sell Your Products

Determine your sales strategy, explore different sales channels, and succeed with your customer care.

What you will learn.


You will learn how to build a solid foundation so you can run your brand efficiently, effectively, and without stress. 

You will learn how to best operate and run your business, how to determine your values, and your brands why.

You will also learn how to deal with mental blocks to show up as the CEO you want to be, to succeed with your business.



You will learn about financing options and how to best manage your finances.

You will also learn about how to nail your brand story, and how to best strategize your business.

You will learn how to write a business plan, including how to understand market opportunities and find your unique point of view.



You will learn how to build a strong brand. 

You will learn how to create a unique brand identity and about making your branding package

You will also learn how to figure out your target customer and how to nail your particular market niche.

You will also learn how to strategize your marketing.



You will learn how to create your designs and collection, even if you don’t know how to draw.

You will focus on how to define and plan your collection and how to create a selling collection structure.

You will also learn all about tech packs, bill of materials, measurement lists, how to source sustainable materials, and how to strategically price your garments for profit



You will learn how to find the right manufacturing and supplier partners

You will learn how to create & comment samples, and how to control and plan your bulk production.

You will learn how to make/produce your garments.



You will learn how to successfully sell your garments and collection.

You will learn about different sales strategies and how to determine the ones that suit your brand best.

You will learn how to create an optimal sales kit, how to work with orders, and how to master customer service.

You will also learn about opportunities by working with retailers, agents, and distributors.

More than a just design, or just manufacturing

Why Apparel Entrepreneurship is called exactly that – Apparel ENTREPRENEURSHIP, is because starting and building an apparel brand is MORE than just a small tiny part like design.

You need to educate yourself to be the CEO of your brand.

You need to learn about running a profitable business, strategy, about online, social media, marketing, team building, sales, and ALL the other parts involved in building a brand. 

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Bootcamp covers all aspects! It’s a ONE stop shop!

Not only fashion

This Bootcamp is for ALL apparel products, not just fashion.

Activewear, Sportswear, Outdoor, Ski, Golf, Running, Cycling, Hunting, Fitness, Streetwear, Equestrian, Workwear, Watersports,
Childrenswear, Eveningwear, and All other apparel products.

What you also get in the Bootcamp


Apparel Entrepreneurship 6-Step Process

Course Videos

3+ hours of course videos with 8 comprehensive lessons that will guide you through these steps:

  • Build your foundation
  • Manage your business
  • Build your brand
  • Design your collection
  • Make your garments
  • Sell your products
Apparel Course Videos

Reading Materials

Complementing reading material to give you actionable steps to master skills such as:

  • How to fit a garment
  • How to comment a garment
  • Marketing tactics
  • Fabric knowledge
  • Quality control
  • How to make a tech pack
  • & more
Reading materials

Downloadable Templates

Actionable, step-by-step checklists and templates that produce specific results and allow you to understand and implement the course learnings with ease and speed. Including:

  • Course completion secrets
  • The complete Course Workbook
  • Startup Checklist
  • Apparel Glossary
  • Business Plan Template
  • Budget Template
  • Bootstrap list
  • Customer Profile Template
  • Marketing Tactics Checklist
  • Product Price Matrix
  • Male and Female croquis templates
  • Manufacturing Checklist
  • Online Store Checklist
  • Order Form Template

1 Year Membership Access

When joining the Bootcamp, you’ll also get 1 year access to the Apparel Entrepreneurship Members’ Club.

The membership gives you tools, resources, mentorship & community to grow a profitable apparel business.

Through the membership, you’ll get continued support after your Bootcamp graduation.

Our promise to you is this:

You will learn how to go from having just a product or a brand idea to launching your own apparel line. You will learn the exact steps involved from setting the foundation, to branding, design, sourcing, manufacturing and different sales strategies. 

You will most of all learn what is important and what’s NOT, so you can focus on what matters and what moves the needle in your business. 

You may only be a solopreneur, or have a partner. That’s more than enough! You are who we created this bootcamp for! 

Listen to what some of our alumni say about the course

Before I took the Apparel Entrepreneurship course there were many aspects to the apparel industry that seemed mysterious and daunting to figure out as a small start-up brand owner. I knew this course was just what I'd been looking for because it's so niched down to exactly what needed: how to build an apparel brand and succeed as an entrepreneur in the industry. Most accelerators have a more general focus for a wider audience. The very specific information and individual attention/feedback was exactly what I needed. I thought, maybe I can get the same insights from google or reading a book. That is definitely not the case and I'm so glad I went for it. 🙂 I also appreciated how much Apparel Entrepreneurship has put in to long-term incredibly valuable content (videos, reading materials, resource lists) that I can continue to reference and have access to. I’ve made so much progress: I've chosen my brand values. Registered for my trademark. Reserved an instagram handle. Worked on material sourcing, gained confidence for my concept, made progress on determining a realistic business model, and have created a detailed mind-map that will serve as an outline for my business plan. I'd recommend this course right away to anyone who's seriously exploring apparel entrepreneurship or in the process already. It's absolutely the most specific, all-encompassing bundle of information/support for doing so, and the instructors are wonderful! Definitely go for it - it's absolutely worth the investment!
Thank you so much for all that you've put into creating the ideal course for apparel brand entrepreneurs. There's nothing else like it out there, and I'm so glad I found you!

I had an idea of a brand but needed to understand the entire process, from an idea to launch. The course really covers it all in a very detailed manner. It’s packed with the most useful information. I have made a lot of progress - created my designs, worked on my business plan, finishing up my website and working on social media. I just have to mention that I learned so much valuable information that even if I worked for years in this industry I would’ve never known about all this information. From the bottom of my heart thank you! I am so much more prepared going forward!

Before I joined the course I felt very frustrated, unorganized, scattered and overwhelmed. After taking the course I am now confident and am turning my dream brand into a reality. In the course you covered things I would have never thought about, specially in the sustainability area. The biggest benefits for me with the course were: 1. Knowing the mistakes to avoid when finding and contacting manufacturers. 2. Gaining understanding of WHY knowing exactly what your brand's "WHY" and mission and values are is important in every business, design and marketing decision you will make. I strongly recommend the course, it provides an actionable framework for starting a brand. I was pleasantly surprised with the course materials. Having something visual that I can look back on and tweak, is a game changer in staying on track and organized with where I want to take my brand. If you are serious about starting a clothing brand, the investment in the course is necessary. Thank you again for putting the course and the materials together.

I’m so glad I found Apparel Entrepreneurship.  Before meeting this dynamic duo, I lacked a clear roadmap to create and launch my fashion brand.  Their materials, such as their detailed book, provided a timeline and information on each step to creating a new fashion brand.  Not only are they knowledgeable but they are committed to the success of all apparel entrepreneurs!

Apparel Entrepreneurship is such a valuable asset to any clothing brand. Ana and Klas both have a wealth of experience from setting up their own brands which means that the advice, based on these experiences, is realistic and actionable. They provide useful resources to help brands learn about the elements required for running a clothing line, and the tools and templates offered here are extremely valuable as they are hard to find elsewhere. The availability of the community helps to make brands feel well supported by the two of them, and by other entrepreneurs.

Apparel Entrepreneurship helped me to finally start working with confidence on my brand. I did not know anything about how to start fashion brand etc. The amount of knowledge and information that is available from Apparel Entrepreneurship is invaluable. It guided me into the right direction when it came to what to do and what not do to. Thank you Ana & Klas!

I started my company with basically zero knowledge about the apparel industry. With no network, no experience not even basic industry knowledge. The complexity of it is frightening ….so frightening, that at one point I was on the verge of giving up. And this is when I came across the Apparel Entrepreneurship community. It was like getting a structured handbook – it’s extremely useful! Access to many years of industry expert knowledge, giving me a strong basis and opening my eyes to directions, trends and necessities I haven’t even though of before……and whenever I’m stuck or in doubt, I can always count on the community to help me out. I can’t express how grateful I am to Ana and Klas for starting this! Thank you!

Apparel Entrepreneurship’s focused pool of information, contacts, and templates is a service that I couldn’t get anywhere else. I am coming from another industry and for me, AE is both a crash course and a support system to make my development process both faster and more accurate. I’m also looking forward to seeing how the community grows and I expect that to be another source of valuable information and support as I’m preparing to launch and then grow my brand.

I am a french entrepreneur. I knew nothing about the apparel business, when I bumped onto Apparel Entrepreneuship. Whaouh! This is the perfect balance between knowledge, user-friendly tools, and community. I found it very useful to learn about the business and interact with pros.

What Apparel Entrepreneurship has created is long overdue in this industry. Your experience and the content you create out of it is of very high value, not only for new starters but also for those that already deal within a running system, to better understand the full picture. It provides a nice guidance and source of help for those who do not have the relevant network yet to get proper information from.

Starting my own brand seemed like a too big of a project for me to embark on. I didn’t know where to start, what questions to ask or where to turn. Ana and Klas at Apparel Entrepreneurship, helped me with everything! Their combined knowledge and experience is impressive. They set the tone for what was to come, they gave me guidance of where to start, from branding, marketing, hangtags, to neck and size labels, to patterns, fabric, and manufacturer hunting. They walked with me every step of the way and having them as a guide made the journey feel safer and they do push things forward. You’re never standing still and if I ever had any questions – they’re super quick to answer. The best part was that they are so passionate and invested in the work that they do. They genuinely care and they want you to succeed.

The Bootcamp Starts April 3, 2023

Sign up For The Bootcamp

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$ 3990 One-Time Investment
  • Learn to Build your foundation
  • Learn to Manage your business
  • Learn to Build your brand
  • Learn to Design your collection
  • Learn to Make your garments
  • Learn to sell your products
  • Learn how to implement Sustainability
  • 3 hours of course videos with 8 comprehensive mastery lessons
  • Complementing reading material to give you actionable steps
  • Actionable, step-by-step checklists and templates


Who is this bootcamp right for?

This bootcamp is right for you if you have an apparel brand idea or concept and want to make that into a reality. You do not need to have prior industry experience. You will learn step by step how to create a unique design, product develop it, and get it into customers’ hands – sustainably.

This bootcamp is also great for entrepreneurs in their startup phase that want to have a clear step-by-step framework for a successful launch.

What else do I need in order to finish the bootcamp? Tools or other tech?

To watch and consume the bootcamp material, you will need to have a computer or tablet and a good internet connection. You will be emailed the link to each session beforehand.

Most importantly – a notebook:)

How much time will the bootcamp take to complete?

The educational content will take 4-5 hours to complete.

But it’s the thinking, and working in between the sessions that will take time to put into action.

We suggest that you dedicate 1h per day or allocate at least 3 hours per week to have momentum and to have a continuous thought process and implementation time.

What happens after the bootcamp?

You will be equipped to launch your sustainable clothing brand and create a profitable and purposeful clothing business.

You will have ongoing support and access to tools and resources in the Apparel Entrepreneurship membership. 12 months access is included.

For how long will I have access to the BootCamp material?

Yes, you will have access to all the course material for 1 year, which allows you to revisit any part of the material as many times as you like for a long time.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, you can. We know this bootcamp will give you loads of value if you are about to launch, or if you are already running, an apparel business.

We know, from working in the industry for over 20 years, that this 6-step process will give you a clear structure and help you focus on what will elevate your business.

However, if you for some reason change your mind, don’t like our teaching style, or feel this isn’t right for you, we will give you 100% of your investment back. Just let us know within a week from purchasing, by emailing us at, that you want a refund.


Fashion is a $3 trillion industry. The worldwide revenue for the e-commerce fashion industry alone is expected to grow to $1 trillion in 2024.

This means huge opportunities!